Sunday, October 23


A few weeks a ago I organized my knitting patterns and got to thinking I needed to some how get my yarn and knitting tools listed and organized. Went to and ordered three journals Stitch'n Bitch a knitter's design journal, KNIT a personal handbook, and Yarn Girls knitting journal. The reason I ordered 3 is because the descriptions in the books don't always tell you everything you need to know, besides I could give the ones I don't use as gifts to other knitters. I was right as I inspected each book. I liked certain things but not everything in them I could use.

First, the stitch'n bitch journal is the best of the three but way too small. The book is mostly graph paper to inspire you to create. That's great but a 5x7 page doesn't cut it for me. I write big and looking at tiny squares just makes me frustrated. I did like the needle inventory page and the yarn stash page but the book is just too small. Next, the KNIT journal is totally useless. It is not much bigger than the stich'n bitch book and contains practically nothing but graph paper. Lastly, is the Yarn girls journal. To start off it is a good size has pocket folder inserts and is spiral bound. It also includes a section for knitting fundamentals (all 3 books have a knitting basics section), and a project listing section.

Eventhough, I was not totally impressed with any one book. I am going to keep the Yarn Girls Knitting Journal and use it for listing my completed projects. I may have to reorganize this book later into a binder of my own. The project page ask for swatches, pictures, yarn sleeves and samples. I have entered 8 projects and the book is already not laying flat. Not good. I will worry with it later. I did make a binder for myself I have a page for listing yarn needles & crochet hooks and listed yarn I have in my stash in alphabetical order with the yarn sleeve information. This book will be handy when I am out and need to know if I have that needle or how much of a single yarn do I have. So go get yourself organized.

I am on vacation this week (YEAH!) I just finished weaving in the ends to the front side of the purse I am making so now I can finish the poncho. You know weaving in the ends is so not fun. It's a lot like when you sew having to hand sew seams or do darning. Hate it. I guess that's why when my husband needs a button sewn on it will sit in my sewing room FOREVER. Anyway..... Get your needles....On your mark....Find your yarn.........Get KNITTING!!!


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