Monday, September 19

Wow, what a busy weekend this was. I'm glad it's over. The baby shower was Saturday and went off pretty much without a hitch. My sister's mother-in-law even attended. That was a good thing but the cousins tried to be on their best behavior but they just couldn't help themselves. They just couldn't stand it that I gave this baby shower. Oh well, maybe everyone can get along for the baby blessing in 2 weeks. We shall see.

On to other things, my computer just crashed Friday. It was old and I lost everything. I always made backup files of my pictures but I lost everything else. ADVISE: Always backup anything you care about. Don't forget and don't think it won't happen to you because it will. I learned my lesson. But I bought a fabulous new computer to replace my old one. It's fast, has lots of memory and lots of fun stuff to go with it. This will keep me busy for a while so knitting has been put on the back burning for a little while.

Oh, I almost forgot. The answer to my little trivia question. Drum Roll.............................................
She is the IRON CHEF from Iron Chef America on the Food Network CAT CORA.

Bon Appetit


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