Tuesday, September 6

The Cat's Meow

The cats were tickled pink I was at home today. Since Friday the cats have followed me everywhere I go (room to room). Today Shelly made a bed out of blue Schaefer yarn and Reagan found the nearest pile of fabric to lay on while I knitted in the sewing room. They were great company. I listened to John Mayer, the cats snored and I actually knitted. It was nice doing somethingelse other than worrying about the hurricane. I made good progress on the poncho but I will have to finish it someother time. I have run out of yarn. Oh well it's a good excuse to start another project. This is the yarn selection for a purse I've been wanting to try.

I mentioned in my last post that my store is supporting the MS Animal Rescue League. MARL and CARA do an amazing job for rescuing and adopting animals, but have taken on the task of helping the victims of the hurricane and their pets. They are providing and caring for their animals. They need our help. If you want to know more or donate to the shelters visit http://www.msarl.org/ or http://www.carams.org/.


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