Saturday, October 15

I can't believe it has been a month since my last post. Shame on me. No excuses but let me explain. I had a little medical drama that lasted a couple of weeks. I have migraine headaches that have plagued me since I was a little girl. Last week has been doctor #3 I've seen this year. Anyway.....getting the right doctor and the right medication will be the key. The last doc I've seen actually has a clue and is willing to investigate and help me get treatment( I actually had a doctor say "Well you look fine what's wrong with you!" He was a dumb butt. I did not go back to him). I can't wait to be pain free. Yeah!

On to better things, I have knitted a bit. I finished one side of the purse project and I'm on to the other side. I haven't knitted much else. I am going to take my last vacation days before the retail holiday rush begins so....I hope to finish that notorious wrap and start some XMAS gifts next weekend. To help myself get some ideas I kinda went book ordering crazy at Books a Million.COM. They make it so easy if your a discount member you get free shipping and you can get pretty much anything really quick. Love that! I've thumbed thru a few books and absolutely love Great Knitted Gifts by Andrea and Gayle Shackleton. I have a ton of books and usually like a couple patterns from each that I plan to knit but I just covet and want to knit every single item in this book. Everyone should check it out. I give it 5 stars. I am truly inspired. That's the key. OK. The Knitting Experience Book 3: Color by Sally Melville is a different story. She inspires me with her techniques. She is fearless and I have learned a lot from Book 1: Knitting and Book 2: Purling but chic is stuck in the 80's as far as style. That was absolutely the worst design era so far and I don't prefer to live it again. I think I'm going to check out Knit Picks and see if they have any yarn I can use for Great knitted Gifts projects. I'll let you know.


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