Friday, September 2


That is the question of the day. "Will things EVER get back to normal(whatever that is)? I finally got the electricity restored after 5 days. Just to tell you how excited and relieved my subdivision was, we gave our power trucks a parade. No lie. Everyone came out of their homes to cheer them on as they left. You can betcha that my AC will be on 50 degrees tonight!!! Well, here are the pictures I took of my neck of the woods. They are not as dramatic as what you have seen on TV. But if you travel my town there are a trees in the middle of the roads, tangled up in power lines, and/or are in or own someone's roof everywhere you go. No one was ignored by this hurricane.

I hope to get back to normal blogging about knitting next week.

Until then......STAY TUNED.

P.S. Almost forgot to mention that my store is still trying to stay open to suck money out of anyone who will spend it. The only other store to open in the mall is a gift card store( that's right). Out of 25 stores in our outside mall 2 store are open. CRAZY. There is a joke here if you think about it, but I am just to tired to spell it out. Sigh.


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