Saturday, August 27

Will I ever get to relax?

After I came back from my trip to Rainbow Foods, I thought I would start a new healthy regimen. I recently stopped smoking( it's been 4 months) and lost 55 pounds last year. Great. I was already eating healthy by eating no fast food, ate fruit when I was hungry, ate more veggies, and cut back on red meat. So this week I decided to take it a step further.....I would stop drinking diet coke and drink more water and drink tea instead. Guess what....I get sick! I have been so miserable. My throat is sore, my sinuses hurt(actually my face feels like it is going to pop), and I can't breathe. That was Thursday. I started an antibiotic and actually do feel better today. I hope I am over this by Monday.

I was watching the news and here comes another hurricane. I feel so sorry for all those people in Florida. My prayers are with you guys. But here it comes our way in LA and MS. They are evacuating New Orleans and the MS coast. All those people (over a half million people) are coming this way. It makes Jackson a very busy place. Monday will be hectic at the store. I will keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't do much damage.

I haven't done any knitting. I organized my patterns that I have been printing from the internet but thats about it. I do love a few sights if you are interested in patterns visit:
There are a ton more places to go but these are some of my favorites.
Oh, here is another place to go
I've been thinking I want to do this pattern but I don't have any double pointed needles. That's next on my list to get.

Well have fun webbing.



At 6:49 PM, Blogger Carmell said...

you can always make some dpns!


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