Saturday, August 20


What a week this has been. Oh the DRAMA in my life is just hysterical. At the beginning of the week I was so sure I could get a great deal of knitting done. Boy was I wrong.

To start the week off, I had a migrane headache that lasted for a couple of days. I was tired from that and work, but then my husband decided to revolt on cleaning up the house. He sure can cook a good meal but he is the biggest mess maker( I was so pissed!) I have to clean up his crap and this. Not anymore I said. Then he falls walking out the back door. My precious poodle (that cannot see very well) flew out the back door and because he wasn't paying attention fell and almost broke his foot. Stupid, Stupid Stupid. He finally went to the doctor after a day and a half (only went because his boss made him go) . Men have no sense!
Anyway, the doc said he has a very bad sprain and a chipped bone fragment. Just what I need.
(Did I mention He hobbles around because he won't use a crutch.) Marbles for brains. It is Friday by now and finally get a day off and realize I have to finish the baby shower invitations. Easy, right. Wrong. I had a little printer drama but finally got the thing to work.

TIP: Order them don't do it yourself.

Great. I think everything is fine. I am now informed that my brother in laws mother won't come to the shower. ARGH! Old southern women are so stupid and petty. I love my sister...we have a great relationship.....she is my best friend. So I absolutely thought nothing of having a freakin' shower for her. But apparently I bucked somekind of tradition. I thought we lived in the new millennium the year 2005 not 1850. The brother in laws cousin was going to throw her a shower but is now also miffed and won't give her one now. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

So I decide I need to get away from all this chaos...I need to have some inner peace.

AAAAHHHH!!!!! Granola!!!!!

Yes that's right I grab the inner hippie in me and go to Rainbow Foods. They are an all natural, Organic type store. I just love this place! Anyway, I get some herbal tea, some fruit and a couple other natural things............Then, Come home to a messy house, loving animals, and my redneck husband.



At 12:27 AM, Anonymous cheryl said...

do you do anything but complain? i happen to be a young southern woman with many old southern lady relatives who are true ladies whom i admire. i have read your blog and you have done nothing but complain and put others down.

At 1:22 AM, Blogger melissa said...

No, not at all. I just simply call it like I see it. Just because I speak my mind does not mean I am complaining.


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