Tuesday, September 6


Reagan was so cute today I had to take a picture. She slept like this all afternoon. She makes me laugh.

These are the first few rows of the purse. It should be pretty easy but because I can't leave well enough alone I am already altering the pattern. I am making it bigger and will probably add more colors before it is all over with.

If you are considering ordering yarn on the internet you should visit http://www.yarnmarket.com/. I ordered more yarn to finish my poncho last nite and found they have great prices and great service. I made a booboo on the shipping address and called to get it corrected. I didn't realize it but they had already corrected it and called my home to tell me they fixed it and the order was on its way at 9am. That's fabulous. (See I don't always complain)
Another great thing they do is have a great database of yarn. They don't have all brands but if you want to know yarn info or needs specs on yarn to convert it, it is a great tool. Visit http://www.yarndex.com/.

Happy Knitting


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