Sunday, August 14


What a wonderful day! I love it when I don't have to work on Sunday. I knitted a few more rows on my poncho today and realized (oops!) my 1x1 rib knitting was wrong. I knitted when I should have pearled. It's all wrong 2 rows are correct and 3 aren't so I am ripping out stitches as we speak. In the mean time until I get caught back up, let me introduce my other pet.

This is Alexandra. She is my true love. She has been with me for 15 years. She is still a spunky little poodle but is getting elderly in her old age. She has cataracts, almost all her teeth are gone, doesn't hear well( neither do I) and has a touch of arthritis. Despite all of that She rules the house (the cats do what she says). Anyway, the vet says keep her comfy and she will be around maybe till she's 21. I just looked around the room and all my animals are asleep. Reagan is snoring. Time to go. NITY NITE!


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