Saturday, August 6


I just got home. I have been shopping for the last 12 hours!
Anyone that knows me, knows this is not unusual. I love to shop.

My sister was off today and so we rounded up my mother and went on a spree all over Jackson. First, we went shopping for baby furniture. My sister is due the first week of November. So we thought we would just look and get prices and compare. In Mississippi whatever it is you might need, want, or desire there is usually only one place that can service your needs. Like shopping for baby stuff. Your choice is The Playpen, or uhh... Walmart. Anyway, we fell in love with a 3 in 1 bed and the matching changing table. My mother and I just went banana's. Bought the furniture, the bedding set, sheets, wrapping paper...ect. We spent 3 hours there.

Second, we went to Knit Wits. The only place you can get high quality yarn around here other than Michael's or Walmart. Well, because it is owned by a bunch of women who run the business for fun, they are not there during business hours. They were closed at 3:00 pm, supposed to be open till 4:00 pm on Friday.

QUESTION: Does anyone in Mississippi knit besides me and the women who run Knit Wit's?

I wish I could just say I want to play for the rest of the day at my retail job (I am a manger for a national retail company) lets put a note on the door, lock it and leave. I think I would lose my job.
Nether the less I will do my yarn and book shopping online from now on.
This trip took about 10 minutes.

Third, we went to Sam's. Love this place. Nothing but a big warehouse full of stuff to purchase. Okay, I will just say I can't possibly tell you everything I bought(we would be here till tomorrow) but my best purchase was my new CAMERA. I can't wait to try it out. It will absolutely put my old digital camera to shame. We spent 3 1/2 hours Sam's. By this time it is after 6:pm. My husband calls on the cell and says "Where are you, when are you coming home and what's for dinner?" I reply "At Sam's, don't know, and why don't you eat a sandwich." My husband has to work tomorrow and new he wouldn't want to be out late. I just didn't know when we would be home. We shop a little more and now it is time to go to the check out. The only thing I hate to do is this task... I have to pick up all this stuff from 3 over flowing carts, put it on the counter for the cashier, pick it up to put it back in the buggy, load it in mom's car, unload my stuff into my car, take it home and take it inside. ZZZZZ .....If you are still with me, just a reminder this blog is called Spoiled Rotten. I did not break a nail but will probably have to go to the chiropractor on Monday. It is 7:00 pm by now.

Fourth, we decide we are hungry. Mexican it is. But before we go I just remembered I have to prepare a dish for work the next day. I just spent over $1000.00 at Sam's and did not get one single ingredient for my dish. What a bummer. Is now 8:45 pm.

Fifth, we go to Walmart. A shopper's paradise. We shop around and I get my stuff for Cheesy Baked Ziti (a recipe from my Southern Living Magazine). It is now MIDNIGHT!!! I am exhausted.

Get back home and I decide that I need to plan a baby shower for my sister. GASP!!! (That was Miss Manner's in the background) I know that a family member is not supposed to throw the baby shower, but I am my sister's best friend and by God if I want to throw her a freakin' shower I will.

***Phrase of the week "I do what I want!!!"***

Moral, There isn't one. Just a lot of rants and a little rave. I will get back to knitting tomorrow. I started knitting the poncho yesterday. It will be cute as pie if I can keep the correct gauge. I will test out my new camera and send some pictures over the weekend.



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