Thursday, August 4

Fresh Start


I just have to say I absolutely love For reasons I prefer not to get into ( if you are curious visit my former journal @ The last entry).

I think I will copy the first entry I made in Le Brouhaha. It pretty much sums up how it all started.

Where do I begin?

I really don't know, but here I go. Being creative is a passion for me. I absolutely love the process of learning something new(although it drives my husband crazy). It all began when I was very young with sewing baby doll clothes. By the age of 12 I could crochet, needlepoint, and crossstich anything. By the end of high school if I wanted a trendy outfit, I made it. I continued to be crafty through college. If there was one thing in my life I could change this would be it. Why I majored in accounting I will never know. Always, always always follow your dream. Anyway, since graduating almost 12 years ago, my interest have broadened a bit to design and quilting. Confession.... I am a bad quilter(I'll elaborate later). I also love to decorate. There is not one piece of furniture in my house that has a permanent place. NOTE: This will drive any man insane. After 11 years of marriage he still doesn't understand. Finally, last year I picked up a new skill. I learned to knit. It really is a lot of fun.
I am going to try to show what I can do. ***Let's hope my camera works***


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